A Conference on GFRP-Reinforced Concrete towards Sustainable Infrastructure

TUESDAY MAY 2, 2017 | 9AM – 5PM

Galbraith Building, GB202

35 St George Street

Toronto, M5S 1A4

About the Conference

Engineers today are faced with a huge problem of deteriorating infrastructure world- wide. The main cause of deterioration among reinforced concrete structures is the corrosion of internal reinforcing steel. While the past actions cannot be rectified, the problem can be avoided in the future by using a non-corrodible reinforcement in concrete. One such feasible, cost- effective and sustainable solution is GFRP Reinforced Concrete.

The replacement cost of deficient bridges and highways in Ontario alone is approximately 57 billion dollars. In India, the problem of corrosion in concrete infrastructure is even worse. While in both India and Canada new reinforced concrete structures are being constructed rapidly, sufficient preventive measures to prevent corrosion in the future are not being taken.

This conference aims to create an interactive experience between attendees and speakers and ensure that the technology transfer from research labs to practice is successful to make GFRP more acceptable in the field for future sustainable constructionSpeakers would include Professor Sheikh from University of Toronto and his graduate students, Professor Sharma from IIT Roorkee and his graduate students, FRP Manufacturers and practicing structural engineers


Recommended Participants

  • Current students (graduate and undergraduate) interested in concrete structures

  • Previous graduates who have worked in this area

  • Structural engineers currently working in engineering consulting and construction companies

  • Planning consultants

  • Representatives from the industry sector who are either working in this field or have a vested interest in the research being conducted on GFRP including, but not limited to, consultants, designers and infrastructure owners

  • Our research partners working on collaborating projects in India etc.

  • FRP manufacturers

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